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Sep. 7th, 2009 07:45 pm
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For those of you who actually follow my fanfiction. I've got a few things to sort out but I'll be continuing A Twisted Kind of Honour as soon as I've finished working on my beta reader's birthday present (something some of you know what it is: this isn't screened so don't spill the beans!).

In any case, you can check here for my update schedule for Twisted and it's now confirmed sequel Scars of Friendship. (There is also the possibility of a Turks fic in this universe, but that depends on a lot of things, including time).

Twisted Chapters

29-27th September - Chapter 7: Investigation Sector of the General Affairs Department Training
28-4th October - Chapter 8: Into AVALANCHE
5th-11th October - Chapter 9: Getting a Rise from the General
12-18th October - Chapter 10: Pressure
19-25th October - Chapter 11: The Third Wheel
26-1st November - Chapter 12: Before Crisis
2nd-8th November - Chapter 13: Tifa
9th-15th November - Chapter 14: The Flower Cart
16th-22nd November - Chapter 15: Caught
23rd-29th November - Chapter 16: -Secret-
30th-6th December - Chapter 17: -Secret-
7th-13th December - Chapter 18: -Secret-
14th-20th December - Chapter 19: -Secret-
21st-27th December - Epilogue (A Christmas Present for you!)

Scars of Friendship

Begins 4th January 2010.
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Just finished my first song on a English Pendant Ocarina~ It's only a plastic and it makes my hands cramp to play it, but I'm having fun just bashing out notes.

I just finished playing 'The Place I'll Return To Someday' (FF9) and made up a random Epona's Song for the oc too... I'm definitely going to invest in getting a proper oc though as the plastic ones just randomly die on the high notes XD


May. 29th, 2009 09:40 am
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I now have a reason to go to America. (As if I didn't have enough already).

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Oh. My. God.

We need these.


May. 28th, 2009 03:28 pm
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I need to use this account more...

Edit Mk, so LJ is down so I'll upload all my fanfic from FF.Net... Which has all the sex edited out damnit!
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I'm not going to use this as a regular blog I don't think. I'm pondering what precisely to do with it. I'll probably post my fics here as an archive as it's better than using the blogspot one I created. Other than that, we'll see what happens as dreamwidth grows...


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